Florida Medicare Supplements

Florida Medicare Supplement Insurance

Florida Medicare Supplement insurance can also be referred to as Medigap insurance. The two are one and the same. This supplemental insurance helps pay some of the out-of-pocket health care costs that Original Medicare Part A and Part B excludes.

Medicare supplement insurance is only allowed to be used in conjunction with Original Medicare. If an eligible Medicare beneficiary receives their benefits through a Medicare Advantage plan, they would be denied Florida Medicare supplement. Medicare supplement insurance plans go where you go. They can even leave the state with you and be valid anywhere in the United States.

These plans are offered through private insurance companies in the state of Florida. These plans are standardized. This means they offer the same features.

Note: In Massachusetts, Minnesota and Wisconsin, Medicare Supplement plans are standardized in a different way.

Medicare Supplement policies must be one of 12 standardized policies. This allows you to easily compare the benefits from each private insurance company with each other. In other words, the benefits for Plan C from AARP would be the same benefits as Plan C with any other private insurance company. Knowing this allows you to concentrate on the price and reputation of the company, and not on the whether one company has a better plan.

What’s not covered by Florida Medicare Supplement insurance?

Florida Medicare Supplement insurance is great for filling in gaps between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage. But, it cannot help with all situations. Here are a few items not covered.

  • Prescription drugs
  • Long-term care such as nursing home care
  • Extra days in a skilled nursing facility
  • Hearing aids
  • Eyeglasses
  • Private duty nursing

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