Low cost Term life insurance

Low cost Term life insurance has become very popular over the last 20 years. It is designed to provide the maximum amount of life insurance at the lowest cost. It helps protect your family and business, through a guaranteed, preset benefit that is paid out in case of premature or unexpected death, while the policy is in force.

A term life insurance policy lets you determine the amount of coverage you need. You also decide the term – the number of years – of the policy as well. Once it expires, it is your decision whether to allow the coverage to end or to renew the term level policy. The proceeds from your term life policy are generally tax free and can be used however you wish.

The Benefits of Term Life Insurance

  • The policy is simple – you can receive a term life insurance quote for your plan within minutes.
  • The term life insurance policy guarantees that the premium you have to pay will not rise during the term.
  • The initial cost however will depend on certain factors like the desired amount of coverage, your age, your general health, and possibly family history, among other things.
  • Some term life insurance policies offer a joint cover option, allowing you to insure both yourself and your partner.

Some term life insurance policies offer you the option to combine it with a terminal illness benefit option. This option allows for a percentage (usually 50% or more) of the death benefit to be paid out during the lifetime of the insured in the event of a terminal illness where death is expected within 6 12 months. This payout is part of the anticipated death benefit and can be used by the insured for anything they desire, possibly even a (Bucket List of sort).

To Obtain an Accurate Life Insurance Quote

The process of obtaining a term life insurance quote online can often prove to be rather tricky. This is due to the fact that insurance companies use different methods to determine final rates. By having an experienced team working on your behalf to get the best life insurance rate, it does not have to be guess work. Indeed, you may already have applied with one or more insurance companies and faced difficulties in the process. It is a common enough problem, but not with NISONA.
Here at NISONA, we are committed to making the entire process as easy for you as possible. We strive to provide you the best possible plan, at the most affordable rates, and with excellent customer service. Thus, we have simplified and shortened the process of obtaining online life insurance quotes, allowing you to compare insurance rates offered by multiple carriers instantly.

Take a moment and see what your life insurance rate should be.