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Known as Medicare Part C, offers affordable plan options, most with a $0-dollar plan premium.
Also known as Medicare Part D, offers affordable plan options to help pay for medication costs.
If you’re under age 65 and been on disability for 24 months you qualify for Medicare

What are the different parts of Medicare plans?

Understanding Medicare and Medicare Plans?

Understanding Medicare

Medicare was established in 1965 as a Federal  health insurance program that covers seniors 65 and older and individuals under age 65 with certain disabling conditions.

If You:

  • are 65 or older.
  • are under age 65 and receiving SSDI for 24 months.
  • are in End-Stage Renal Disease, or full kidney failure that requires dialysis
  • have had a kidney transplant you also qualify.
  • have ALS,  commonly known as  Lou Gehrigs disease.  Enrollment in Part A and Part B is automatic the month your disability begins.

Types of Medicare and Medicare Plans?

Medicare Part A

Hospital Coverage

  • Provides for in-patient hospital insurance coverage.
  • This part of Medicare covers the costs associated with a in-patient hospital stays
  • Also, psychiatric facilities, critical and emergency room admission, and hospice. It also covers stays in a skilled nursing facility; however, this does not include custodial or long term care facilities.

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Medicare Part B

Medical Insurance for Doctor visits and much more

  • Covers doctors visits both Primary and Specialists.
  • Outpatient Services, Medical Supplies such as durable equipment.
  • This coverage is optional.
  • Most people will pay a monthly premium.  Low income may qualify you for 0 premium.

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Medicare Part C  

Medicare Advantage Plans

  • Part C or Medicare Advantage combines Original Medicare Parts A and Part B
  • They provide many of the same coverage’s that Original Medicare and sometimes include additional services such as dental, vision, and hearing
  • Prescription Drugs are usually covered with exceptions.
  • Most plans  have a zero dollar premium with exceptions.
  • Planned premiums and copay’s differ from one plan to another.

These plans can also can include Prescription drug coverage and additional benefits not covered by Original Medicare.

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Medicare Part D – Prescription Drug Plans

Can be purchased as a stand alone plan or with Medicare Advantage Plan.

  • Prescription drug coverage or Part D coverage is offered through private insurance companies.
  • Medicare Part D , commonly referred to as PDP or Prescription Drug Plans.
  • Most plans will have deductibles and co-payments
  •  All plans have their own formulary, so it is advisable to speak with an adviser before you buy.

Everyone covered by Medicare Part A and , or B is eligible for Part D coverage, regardless of income and resources, or pre-existing conditions.

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Medicare Supplement


  • These plans help pay costs not covered by Parts A and
  • Medicare Supplement plans are often paired with a Part D plan.
  • Most plans allow you to choose any doctor, specialist or hospital that accepts Medicare.

The benefits provided and premium amounts depend on the plan you choose, your age, tobacco use and county of primary residence.

With our Medicare Supplement plans, we offer savings options, automatic claims filing and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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