Compare Florida Term Life Insurance Rates

Type “Term Life Insurance Quote in Florida” in any Internet search engine, and you’ll be presented with many websites asking you to submit your information for a quote. Before you buy, though, make sure you make an informed decision as you are comparing rates online. Do proper research on each insurance carrier and policy.  Find out what their A.M. Best rating are.   And most importantly, speak with an experienced insurance representative to answer any and all questions before signing your name to an application.
Compare Florida Term Life Insurance Rates

What Is Term Life Insurance in Florida?

Generally issued in five year intervals, term life insurance in Florida protects your beneficiaries in the event you die during the time frame of the policy. This type of insurance is generally the least expensive type of life insurance and works in conjunction with other types of life insurance. It is often used to pay off mortgages, college education, and other large debts.  It is also preferable type of life insurance for providing income to surviving family members or co-owners in a business arrangement.

Term life insurance may be right for you if you need additional coverage when raising small children or buying a new house. Therefore, you may be comparing rates online if you think having additional coverage at certain times in your life would be beneficial.

How Much Term Life Insurance Coverage Do I Need to Have?

As you look for  quotes for life insurance, think about how much coverage you need. Don’t be shocked when you find out though! It’s more than what you might think. Before comparing rates online, take into consideration two elements: lost income and expenses. Let’s explore both:

  • Lost Income: How much do you make annually? It’s best to allot about 8 to 15 times that amount as part of your term life insurance coverage. So, if you make $50,000 every year, we’re talking at least $400,000 in this portion of the term life insurance policy alone.
  • Expenses: How much debt do you have? Do you have a mortgage? Are you married and have children? How many children? Add up the remaining balances of bills and expenses and allow about $100,000 per beneficiary.

How do you Comparing Florida Life Insurance Rates Online?

Now that you’ve prepped yourself with how much coverage you need for your Florida life insurance policy, you’re ready to start comparing rates online. As you browse through various websites, keep in mind that rates will vary based on your gender, age, where you live, your family medical history, your health and whether or not you use tobacco products. In order to get an accurate life insurance quote you will be required to eventually provide this information before receiving an accurate life insurance rate. Keep in mind that a term life insurance quote for you will be different than one for someone else based on your individuality.

After you input information, the quoting website will generate a list of insurance carriers and their rates. Comparing rates online entails closely looking at the monthly and annual rates as well as the financial strength of each carrier. Pay attention to everything, not just which carrier has the lowest rate. Be informed of every detail!

Some examples of quality Florida term life insurance companies include Lincoln Life, John Hancock, American General, Banner Life, The Hartford, Gerber Life, Liberty Life, West Coast Life, Prudential and Ohio National.

What Is an Example of a Term Life Insurance Quote ?

A term life insurance quote in Florida varies greatly from person to person, taking into consideration the aforementioned factors such as age and gender. For example, a 40-year-old female may pay $250 for a 15-year plan compared to 70-year-old woman paying $4,000 for the same period of time. The rates typically increase as you become older, so keep this in mind as you are comparing rates online.

I Have My Term Life Insurance Quote in Florida: Now What?

Once you’ve obtained your list of quotes for various carriers offering Florida term life insurance, call National Insurance Services of North America, (NISONA) at (888)-564-2326 for a no-risk consultation. Our team of experienced advisers can help you determine which plan is best for you as we compare each policy’s coverage and rates. We can help take the apprehension out of comparing rates online by discussing each plan with you and your loved ones.

For More Information

A term life insurance agent with over 25 years of experience in the industry, Doug Jones can help take the stress away from comparing rates online. If you would like to get some quotes you can get started by clicking Florida term life insurance quotes or by visiting Doug’s website at