Group Health Insurance in Florida

Affordable Group Health Insurance Rates

Today’s economy does pose problems when it comes to being able to find affordable Florida health insurance.  It compounds an already arduous situation.  This having been said, finding affordable group health insurance for small businesses is not completely unmanageable. There are an estimated 350 different health plans available for businesses to choose from.  Before starting your search for the right plan, make sure that you are prepared.  It is important to know what your expectations are before you begin your search.

For example, setting a budget is very important when searching for Florida group health insurance Plans.  This one step will help to narrow your options down to plans that your business can realistically afford.  Keep in mind your geographical area in Florida as well as the types of coverage and networks that are available.  Be sure that your local hospital and community physicians participate with the plans you are considering.  When deciding on aplan, consider offering 2 or 3 different plan options. This allows you the affordability to choose a base plan and allows your employees to buy up to a more comprehensive plan.  For example, option 1 or your base plan may have an average employee premium of $275  per month.  Option 2, a plan with more bells and whistles might have a $350 average premium.  This offers employees the option to buy up, or pay the difference between option 1 and option 2, while sticking to your budget. You may be able to even add a third option.  If an employee wants the higher price plan, they would simply pay the difference.  This also allows for employees that may not be able to afford the higher price plan, the opportunity to have coverage at a lower cost.

The next step is finding a Broker that has the knowledge and experience that will enable him or her to provide you with a wide array of different options.  One way to accomplish this very important step is to ask  for plenty of referrals.  Get the names and phone numbers of his or her clients.  Call and ask them questions.  A satisfied client is always happy and eager to help.  And finally, take time to meet with the Broker.  An experienced Broker will need to ask plenty of questions in order to find the right solution to your health insurance needs. When finding the right Broker your time is your initial investment that will benefit you for years to come.

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