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Term Life Insurance Quote

Low cost Term life insurance has become a very popular type of life insurance over the last 20 years. It is designed to provide the maximum amount of life insurance at the lowest cost and it helps protect your family, and business through a guaranteed, preset benefit that is paid out in case of premature or unexpected death during the specific term period of the plan.

A term life insurance policy lets you determine the amount of coverage, an amount that stays constant throughout the stipulated duration of the plan. You decide the term – number of years – of the policy as well, and once it expires, it is your decision whether to allow the coverage to end or to renew the term level policy. The money, once received by the beneficiaries designated by you, can then be employed for any and all purposes at their discretion.

The Benefits of Term Life Insurance

  • Term life insurance policy guarantees that the premium will not rise during the term.
  • The initial cost will depend on certain factors like the amount of coverage and policy term.
  • Some term life policies offer a joint cover option, allowing you to insure both yourself and your partner.

A term life insurance policy additionally offers you the option to combine it with critical illness cover or with a terminal illness benefit cover. If you do opt for such a combination, you can then receive the amount during your lifetime in case you are diagnosed with a critical or terminal illness.

How to Obtain A Life Insurance Quote

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