Life Insurance for Single Women

Single Women Life Insurance

Just because a woman is unmarried or is without children does not mean she should go without life insurance. Having coverage even just for final expenses is essential. Moreover, consider any leftover debt an unmarried woman might have, such as collage bills or credit card expenses. Who will pay these bills if she suddenly passes away? For family and friends left behind, tapping into a life insurance policy would be much more desirable than pulling money out from a personal bank account to cover remaining expenses.

Single Mothers Life Insurance for Women

Another population of women to consider is single mothers. Recently, this number has steadily increased. The United States Census Bureau reports that in 2010, almost 10 million single mothers were living with children 18 years or younger. Additionally, the Bureau reports that nearly 40 percent of all women who gave birth in 2010 were either unmarried or married without an involved spouse. The bottom line: These women typically raise and support their children on their own and while doing so might dismiss or forget about having proper life insurance coverage.

If a single mother were to pass away unexpectedly, what would happen to her children? What about the individuals who would take the children into their care? Grandparents or other family members might have to step in to raise and to support the children. This sudden change could interrupt careers and everyday life, straining everyone emotionally as well as financially. This is the time when a life insurance policy for a single mother would be the most beneficial.

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