Temporary Health Insurance In Florida

Our insurance quoting technology allows you to instantly view and compare temporary health insurance plans, sometimes referred to as short term health insurance.

Short Term Health Insurance Coverage – A great alternative to COBRA

If you are between coverage, waiting for new group coverage or between jobs and need a good COBRA alternative then a temporary health insurance plan may be an affordable solution for you. This type of insurance sometimes referred to as Florida short term health insurance can become effective as early as midnight. You can choose to pay for your coverage in one single payment, or easy monthly installments.

Who can benefit from a Temporary Health Insurance Plan In Florida

If you are…

  • Self-employed, part-time, or you are a temp worker,
  • Between health plans at the moment,
  • Unemployed, or laid off, or fired
  • A college student or recent graduate,
  • Looking for a lower-cost alternative to COBRA
  • Or unable to afford other coverage

Temporary health insurance is not intended to be a replacement for a full health insurance plan. It is designed to treat unexpected injuries and illnesses, and it is exempt from HIPPA, which means that when the term is over, extended coverage may or may not be granted. There are no guarantees for temporary health insurance like many people are used to with a regular health plan, but it is effective for short-term coverage needs of all kinds.

What are some of the benefits included in aTemporary Health Insurance plan?

  • Comprehensive major medical insurance protection,
  • Coverage for individuals, families, or children only,
  • Emergency coverage,
  • Worldwide coverage while traveling,
  • Benefit payout’s up to $1 million over the lifetime of the insured,
  • A choice of deductibles: $250, $500, $1,000 or $2,500,
  • Your choice of any doctor or hospital,

When getting a full insurance plan isn’t possible, the Florida temporary health insurance plan can be a great asset to anyone who needs protection. There are a variety of coverage limits to choose from and many different services that are covered under the short-term plan, allowing people to get the protection that they need even when they don’t have access to a traditional insurance policy. People who are under 65 years of age as well as children who are under the age of 19 and full-time students under age 25 are all eligible for temporary insurance plans.

Insurance carriers offering Temporary Health Insurance Coverage in Florida

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