Florida Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance in Florida – Why is it important?

Having medical coverage is critical. The possibility of developing an illness or becoming injured is always present no matter how old you are, where you live or what occupation you have. One of the best ways to plan for any unexpected periods of illness or injury is to have proper health insurance coverage, especially through a Florida group health insurance plan.

Group health insurance plans account for the majority of medical expense premiums because of their affordability, ease of insurability and range of covered conditions and treatments for those who are covered.


Florida group health insurance plans are generally affordable for individuals and their dependents. Many times this is because an individual’s employer chooses to pay for most or all of the premium payments. If you do pay a premium, it is typically a minimal amount per month compared to your employer’s contribution.


Another reason why Florida group health insurance plans are popular is because eligibility to participate in a group plan is typically less rigorous than an individual health insurance plan. Usually, general specifications do apply, such as being a full time employee working at least 25 hours each week and fulfilling a waiting, or probationary, period during which time you are not yet qualified for coverage. This may simply be a three or six month period that new employees have to wait before being able to sign on to their employer’s plan.

A major advantage of being part of a group insurance plan in Florida is that the risk is generally spread over the entire group. Unlike an individual health insurance plan, you are typically not be required to answer medical questions, and never are you asked to undergo a physical examination to determine your insurability. This is especially beneficial for individuals whose family medical history may indicate a higher chance of developing diseases or illnesses down the road.

Covered Conditions

Florida group health insurance plans are generally offered as health maintenance organizations (HMO), preferred provider organizations (PPO), point-of-service plans (POS) or traditional indemnity plans. Though there are many different types of group plans each with their individual advantages, all provide coverage for a wide range of health care services: routine physicals, diagnostic testing, treatments and surgery.

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