Can I Buy Life insurance If I Have Diabetes

The short answer is Yes, it is possible to buy life insurance if you have diabetes. However, the process and availability of life insurance can vary depending on the severity of your condition, your overall health, and the insurance company’s underwriting guidelines.

When you apply for life insurance with diabetes, the insurance company will typically evaluate several factors to assess your risk profile. These factors may include:

  1. Type of diabetes: Insurance companies consider both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, but type 2 diabetes is more common and generally has a broader range of underwriting options.
  2. Control of diabetes: Insurance companies will look at how well you manage your diabetes, including your blood sugar levels, medication usage, and adherence to treatment plans.
  3. Age at diagnosis: The age at which you were diagnosed with diabetes can influence the insurance company’s assessment of risk. An early diagnosis may carry more weight in their evaluation.
  4. Complications: The presence of diabetes-related complications, such as cardiovascular disease, kidney problems, or neuropathy, may affect the availability and cost of life insurance.
  5. Treatment and medication: The insurance company will review the treatments and medications you are using to manage your diabetes. They may consider factors such as insulin dependence or the use of oral medications.
  6. Overall health: Your overall health, including factors such as weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and any other medical conditions, will be taken into account.

Based on these factors, the insurance company will determine your insurability and premium rates. In some cases, individuals with well-controlled diabetes can obtain life insurance coverage at standard or close-to-standard rates. However, if your diabetes is severe or poorly controlled, it may be more challenging to secure coverage or result in higher premiums.

It’s important to work with an experienced insurance agent or broker who can help navigate the process and find insurance companies that specialize in providing coverage for individuals with diabetes.  That’s how National Insurance Services of North America, (NISONA) can help you understand your options, gather the necessary medical information, and assist with the application process.

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